NY Hall of Science

NY Hall of Science (NYSCI) is New York’s center for interactive science. It is the place for informal learning for families and schools.

You and your kids will learn about places in our solar system that potentially contain water and life. Discover the knowledge of scientists. Move between extreme environments through interactive exhibits. Explore the environment on earth and outer space. See superhero scientists explain how a virus goes viral!

These are just a few examples. NY Hall of Science is really fun and educational.

Here is a video introduction about the museum from NYSCI:

Permanent exhibits

There are several exciting permanent exhibits at NY Hall of Science:

  • Connected Worlds: A wonderful animated interactive world.
  • Design Lab: Find solutions to basic design and engineering challenges.
  • Search for Life Beyond Earth: Are there other places in our solar system that might contain life?
  • ACCESS: Learn about environment, climate change and ecology.
  • Preschool Place: A place for the youngest visitors to build, explore and discover.
  • The Evolution – Health Connection: Explore how evolution works, human health, illness and prevention.
  • Wild Minds: Learn about the similarities between how humans and animals perceive the world.
  • Charlie & Kiwi’s Evolutionary Adventure: Understand the basics of evolution in a fun way.
  • Seeing the Light: Learn more about how the sense of sight works.
  • Mathematica: An interactive exhibition about math.

Rocket Park

My favorite offering is Rocket Park. You can visit spacecraft and rockets in this outdoor setting. These are the same space vehicles popular during the New York World Fair in 1964 and 1965. Incredible missions were taking place in outer space. This happened before Neil Armstrong or space shuttles. The exhibits include:

  • Mercury-Atlas D Rocket
  • Saturn V F-1 Engine
  • Replica of the Mercury-Atlas D
  • Gemini-Titan II
  • Man on the Moon Timeline between 1960 and 1972
  • Mercury Capsule
  • Timeline of rocket history

You learn new and exciting facts at each exhibition. The NY Hall of Science offers space travel facts to engage all ages.

3D Theater

I love the 3D theater. The animated feature films have won awards. I enjoy the new movies featured during the year. There are also feature-length films and scientific documentaries. The theater is well designed, comfortable, and ideal for the entire family.

Stem Nights

Visit on Stem Night for free interactive activities. Hear the stories of STEM professionals and visit STEM organizations. The panel discussions are interesting. You can network with STEM-based organizations and corporations. STEM research is an important part of modern society.

Connected Worlds

NY Hall of Science Pros and Cons


  • Interactive science exhibits
  • Free events
  • Rocket Park
  • Well organized
  • Great for children and teenagers


  • Difficult to reach with public transportation
  • Fee for parking
  • Some of the exhibits have become broken or are confusing
  • Too many videos?

Things to do near NY Hall of Science

  • Queens Zoo
  • Queens Museum
  • Fantasy Forest Amusement Park
  • Flushing Meadows Corona Park

More info

Website: nysci.org

Address: 47-01 111th Street, Corona, New York 11368

Telephone: +1 718-699-0005

Cover photo by Ajay Suresh from New York, NY, USA / CC BY